Burlesque Party

Here is a luscious and vivid post to hype your gloomy Sandy day!

READY FOR SHOWTIME!!!. I had a FANTASTIC time collaborating with Cake and Dessert table designer Yanneris Genao, super chic hair accessories designer Sarah Betances from Stylish Givings, and oooh so fitting stamper and paperi designer Michelle from Enchanted Stamper with her super cute wooden spoon naughty msg stamps, and  lastly MPLP  crafted the satin backdrop, glaming up the table and the invitations

Guests were greeted with a delicious chocolate mouse and followed it with strawberry chocolate spice Martini, they then proceeded to get their glam up with some feather boas and Red rose Black pearl headbands. Through out the event, the guests did fun photo prop, pose with long cigarettes and enjoyed a fabulous strip dancer who finalize and added the closing flare to this Burlesque event.

This is a great team let me tell you. I’m very lucky to know and craft with women who can with just an item or a word spur out an entire set up and make it so harmonious.I can’t say enough about these girls, I truly look forward to continued collaboration and idea swaps are oh so much fun!


MPLP, Yanneris Genao, Enchanted Stamper, Stylish Givings


Mayra B

Collaborate event by Stylish Givings, Yanneris Genao, Enchanted Stamper and MPLP

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  1. Yanneris Genao says:

    It was my pleasure to work with you! The event was such a success!!!!


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