Dirty Girl Mud Run, Scranton PA


This was such an amazing weekend from start to finish., I truly enjoyed the mud run even though I had to make a few quick stops to catch my soul again…LOL

As I understand it there were about 10,000 dirty girls making their way to the finish line up in Scranton, PA for this run. The obstacles were good and not so good…some were a bit too claustrophobic for me as it required one to drag through dark tunnels with mud up to ones knees at times, but we were able to skip whatever task we couldn’t handle.

The amount of mud and dirt on my body was unbelievable….at bath time it looked like a scene from a terror movie, but it was all great after some soap and water, and the thought that this is all put together to benefit the efforts to find cure for breast cancer made it all worth it. This run is held all year round nationwide click Dirty Girl to see their calendar of events. My cousin Elana Amancio who organized this event got our team matching “Not Your Average Chick” shirts and  had the smartest and cutest idea for favors…we each got a pedicure kit…to say we urgently needed it is an understatement!!

Enjoy the pictures.

486843_669001643116918_591977428_n 602645_668998963117186_511629313_n 935265_668998916450524_132305535_n 936828_668998919783857_146567606_n 941762_668999126450503_1139978616_n 946935_669001989783550_816017778_n dirty girl 2 Dirty girl


Mayra B.


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