A Date with Ella and The Piano Guys

Who are they?….who?…The Piano Guys..oh..

A band of 4 guys which pretty much play…just about any melody, classically and with dynamic harmony. My lovely daughter Ella was my date for this classical night., we tried to dress alike and glam up weather permitting…and TARAAAA.

Piano guys collage

 Jon Schmidt, the Pianist; Steven Sharp Nelson,Cellist; Paul Anderson, their beliefs & Al Van Der beek, their inspiration…..In a nutshell they are…well I should say there was a guy who opened a piano store in a small town call St. George, in Utah and was so slow that they would just play piano while waiting to sell one. Meanwhile came the Cello guy..and they took off in YouTube with the input of the other two guys…yes Paul and Al Van; they have millions of views..sold many many thousands of albums and had been  in all 7 Wonders of the world and filmed in 2 of them…and still did not sell a single piano! the tale as the guys told it while on stage…I did do some homework and pretty much…again…in a nutshell.

The show was absolutely amazing .the music and the guys were entertaining to say the least….they even lash out with an amusing dance. Their Playlist included artist like Cristina Perry,  Taylor Swift, The Dave Matthews Band, 5th Symphony Beethoven. .. Holy Night to name a few.

Here is a link A Thousand Years: Christina Perry by them  …which is by far my personal favorite…note there is bias here as I’m a huge fan of Twilight to which this is the soundtrack.

piano guys 2


piano guys photos

 I recommend their show to family,  couples, groups. .you name it. They are really fascinating.


Mayra B.

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