Lavish Clique Entertainment Launch Party

Lavish couldn’t be put to a better description than to this amazing event. 4 women engaging in entrepreneurship field all on their own separate way…to call a wrap all around event organizing group led by Sadie Pegues-Brody owner of Aww Sugar, Danielle Freund, Kim Tallau owner of Innovative Image and Angela Christou who is a Special Education Teacher. I had the privilege to spend some time with each of them; and they are absolutely a delight to talk to, they have a good sense of what I wanted without having to talk much…and believe me, if you have met me….you know I add words just to carry a conversation longer…after all is all about networking.

Bellow are these fabulous photos by Ricky Lugo from Lugo Studios. Ricky was a very patient and pleasant person to work with


 Kim Tallau & Angela Christou                                        Danielle Freund & Sadie Pegues-Brody

lavish sign

The event was held at The Moonshine Super Club in Milburn, NJ.

This was superb and the details were tastefully chosen for the interior decor of this lavish venue.

lavish collageI met some very interesting people like Anne Friel a mother of 2 children who’s family runs a business of pure organic intakes known as Isagenix which consist of a high protein for meal replacements. Also at the event was Zilpa Rizzo who bakes deliciously crafted cheesecakes who is soon to open her bakery Zilpa’s Cheesecakes

Zilpa’s Chessecakes 

D&E Papel

Lavish Clique Entertainment favors by ( DCS Chocolates )


Zilpa Rizzo (Zilpa’s Chessecakes )

 Mayra Betances (D&E Papel)

my pose

 Sadie Puegues-Brody (Aww Suga)


Women in power!

 Covering the event was Vanessa Coppes Professional Consultant, Blogger and Marketing Director at Bella NYC Magazine. and The ladies from Lavish Clique Entertainment have already release their next event and is set to be an spectacular one on fashion design challenge.


Mayra B.

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