Keep It Simple


Go on a color hunt, brain storm, brights…blues…violets…..oh heck…lets just pick a handful at a time and see what combinations come out of those, then lets move to the next step which is process of elimination. It does become easier trust me, but you must not skip the elimination process. After you’ve got your colors picked…move on to the type of paper selection which most likely have to do with the theme you chose for your event. Color depend greatly on the season of the year the event will take place, specially for weddings.

Other types of events are not as strict about this aspect of the event, those focus more on the theme and type of gathering it will be. My advise is always to try to picture the colors you hold dearly in different settings, objects etc. This gives you a visual and different perspective on things. I see it as another set of eyes giving me an input outside of my ideological nutshell I fall under when I think I have all the best choices there could ever be…which I truly believe to be the case…nahhhh…that’s so vain of me. Well I think I made my point.

color selection 1

color selection







Remember just pick 5 colors at a time and play around with them, than interchange and proceed. It’s easy…now theme selection is a whole other post šŸ˜‰


Mayra B.

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