It’s Paper Alright!


It’s National Card & Letter Writing Month and I believe the perfect timing for this post; in 2011 I made my business introduction  to one of my clients in a very crafty way. It all started at a Country Living fair…in the beautiful state of Ohio I found myself perplexed in front of a mobile booth with layers upon layers of tissue paper, flower petal as if potpourri sprung from its core. It was instant…I wanted to make my very own paper from my very own home and so I did!. I paid about $80 for the kit from the sweetest lady ever, her name is Alison Rusk from Paper Alice.  This kit brought enough to get me started.

I gathered all I could find, literally as if I was somehow making a poison in a big pot, the difference was my pot was a blender.


*aqua tissue paper*brilliant flakes* water*red tulip petal*Lavender scent

Follow some very primitive and basic steps and here you have it….a beautiful elaborated and really unique sheet of papel! Which I used to print this letter about my business.  

My papel went through my Epson Artisan 1430 Injet printer quite smoothly. The red on the top left corner of the sheet are the Tulip petals, and the glitz you see are the brilliant flakes I dropped in for sparkle.

wpid-2015-04-06-18.01.03.png.png                                  wpid-2015-04-09-12.07.02-1.png.png wpid-2015-04-09-12.06.14-1.png.png


The Lavender scent was an absolute wonderful detail that sprung into the air whenever I moved the sheet.

  Mayra B.

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  1. Yanneris Genao says:

    Paper making sounds like an adventure!!! Sounds great!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. D&E Papel says:

      Yes it is…I’m thinking of a workshop for paper making fun 🙂


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