Memorial Day is Decoration Day


As I prep my children for a family gathering and the traditional Memorial Day BBQ, I wondered how it was for those families who’s loved ones have come to pass at war. For the mom who saw her son/daughter’s handwritten letter or postcard, or for that matter his/her bedroom in search of reminiscence on this day.

The idea of enlisting in the Military has been thrown around in my house by my eldest son Luigi; hence this holiday and with Fleet week happening right across the river from me, it immediately placed me in a spot of wonder. I’m myself a sibling of a man serving our country, my brother is in the U.S. Navy. My father also served in the Military back home in the Dominican Republic, there is a trend in the family and whatever my son’s decision will be I will support it and cheer for him all the way. I’m thankful for the families who bravely celebrate this day and thankful to those man and women who gave their lives so that we can be safe and live our lives free of terror.

IMG_1212This holiday originated after the Civil War and was named at the time Decoration Day for the people to decorate the grave of the war dead with flowers, flags and memorabilia.


Mayra B.

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