The Making of BELLA’s White Party Invitations

My heart stutter when I first learned that BELLA New York Magazine had picked D&E Papel to design and craft the invitation for their annual White Party hosted by Lisa Vanderpump who is the star of Beverly Hills Housewives and Vanderpump Rules. First thing that came to mind was, I have to pull over and take this in nice and easy, then I frantically screamed of joy. Ok…on to business here….to the drawing board. This is an extremely important element to any event specially at this scale. My mind immediately started winding designs, embellishments, paper texture, rhinestones etc. Colors were the focal point….and classy beauty the aimed….so a magnolia came into play!




Mag Ad 4This was an amazing project from beginning to end, from the assembly of each suite down to the choice of the texture of materials for each component.

Inside the pocket folder sat multiple layers of cardstock which were precisely placed by hand to form the 3D illusion; framing the main announcement, followed by the RSVP card which preserved the theme throughout the invitation.

Each Magnolia  which by the way happens to be my second favorite flower…as white as snow they came in bunches, we pulled away the petals of about 500 flowers making a total count of 1,920 loose petals. I submerged these petals in fabric dye in a process that took a full 6 days. Last touch was added with floral spray dye to conquer that true rich hue. Rhinestone brooch, came as some would say the cherry on top…I say is the seal to a beautiful design. Finally the White box, to add a sense of fashionable packaging as well as a protective cover waiting to wow the guests, the pocket folder laid on a thin silk fabric bed for added finesse. The last element was the mailing cover wrap that secure the closure of the beautiful white box. A total of 320 invitations were assembled for this event!


The feedback from the guests and magazine has been nothing but fabulous!

Special thanks to Vanessa Coppes for placing me in the position to get this opportunity and for the collaboration of Felica Betances, Sarah Betances, Anny Betances, Yanneris Genao, Eileen Matias, Yris Encarnacion, Ornelis Amancio, Gabriela Amancio, Nejuliver Amancio, Elisa Laureano, William Betances, Yldebrando Betances, Gloribel Munos, Massiel Rodriguez, Dio Collado, Kevin Rosario, Ella-Deogo-Luigi Gutierrez, Richard Betances, Elliot & Claudia, & Paul Hazlit.


Mayra B.

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  1. lynette1123 says:

    They were Beautiful!


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