Country Wedding at Orchard House

To say this is by far my favorite scenario for style living is an understatement, I absolutely love the country atmosphere and as soon as I learned about the Orchard House I immediately reserved my visit. I feel the more in tune I’m with the theme and venue of my client’s big day the more I can transmit when designing an invitation.

This is a farm house with a modern twist, sitting on a 12 acre estate. Each section of the property has it’s charm and added value a Bed and Breakfast  perfect for country weddings, family reunion, or your very own nature estate retreat.

I had the pleasure of meeting the owners, Dean Lowry and his lovely wife Jodi Melfi. Dean happily went over the history of the estate including how the house has a record book of the multiple owners of the property since 1850 when it was built to its original state today.

The place where I personally felt like Alice in Wonderland was The Forrest which is where the Altar is set up for wedding ceremonies., I mean this is truly a picture come to live…almost like stepping into a framed painting just like the kids show Blues Clues would do! Orchard House’s farm offers guests the opportunity to interact with their resident animals, including, pigs peacocks and various pasture such as lamb and goats. The house fits about 10 people to sleep in and about 150 to 200 for guests coming for an event.

The hospitality this house offers is simply immaculate  because you would feel as if you were at home. A curious and historic fact that caught my attention was that in the 1950’s  Orchard House was the first licensed home for alcoholics in Ohio. This is a short ride from the city life of Columbus and distant enough to submerge into the relatively untouched natural surroundings. It is located 2 miles away from the town’s historic and vibrant downtown.

IMG_3947IMG_3973IMG_3803 IMG_4120 IMG_4133 IMG_4146 IMG_3781 IMG_3861 IMG_3823 IMG_3905 IMG_3918IMG_3938 IMG_3929 Dean and Jodi added a fabulous side suite with a full private sitting area and a full master bathroom right outside the first courtyard of the house. The decoration consist of modern art and classic country antiques that mingle beautifully.


Hope you enjoy the views as much as I did



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  1. lynette1123 says:

    What beautiful pictures! You look like you belong there and the pictures set the scene for perfect theme invitations! They are beautiful like fall!

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