Haunted Halloween Theme

This year’s Halloween party theme is a haunted library. Libraries are filled with countless books full of stories, with quiet rooms ready to be shaken by storytellers eager to frighten the spirit off of you. I absolutely love the idea of visiting a venue which will put me in the mindset of a chosen theme; it gives me the proper vibe to pour into an invitation that would spook the socks off your guests in a fabulous way. See below for The Village Bookstore in Columbus OH, which I visited for this year Haunted Library Halloween theme

The Halloween Invitation is a book like card with 4 layers of velum and cardstock and a vintage metal key featuring an eyeball to a book of spells. It can be mailed in a regular 5×7 envelope but a lined envelope is recommended.

Theme colors are lime green, black, white and pumpkin orange.



As this is a scary story reading inspired theme I wanted to involve all the scary library elements within. I used clocks, vintage keys, books, letters, watches and yes, eye balls. At home I made a simple and quick setting as my welcome wall for my group horror readings which included some 10 year olds. I found some Halloween book classics like Frankenstein, Sleepy Hollow, Moby Dick to give as party favors. I wrapped the books in green burlap and orange string which are the colors of my theme. I also made some bookmarks which I displayed alongside some pencils and a spell magic letter game. These were all things the kids could take as party favors, along with a small bag of candy, of course.

Tick Tock the witching hour is upon us



I had the thought of visiting my towns library to borrow books and making the set up in my family room at home which would be perfect, and I did. However I wanted to visit a bookstore t see if they would be willing to host group readings for Halloween as an alternative if I did not have enough room at home. I gasped with delight when I arrived at The Village Bookstore in Columbus, Ohio. Unfortunately, they do not hold group readings but the building would be a perfect venue for your dream Haunted Library themed Halloween party. As usual what you attract attracts you…or so it goes. Personally I have a thing for Historical ventures.

IMG_4980 IMG_5005IMG_4989IMG_4993

I promise you this is good…keep on reading…

The chapel was built in 1889. It all began in 1886 when a group of women, yes you read that correctly, a group of women organized a “Mite Society”, expressly to support a Sunday School. The group created enough interest in a church to cause the forming of a group of Trustees of man; hence permission was granted to build a chapel if they could first raise $500. Shortly this was done they began to erect a building.

 The wooden “chapel” was finished. This church bell was purchase for $25 and installed in 1904 and since then lots of remodeling and improvements have been made. In 1965 The Linworth Methodist Church building was purchase and turned into The Village Bookshop. The present owners who I had the pleasure to meet, Gary and Carol Friedlinghaus  have run the bookshop since 1983. Truly humble people they are and the trust and liberty they gave me to do my photo shoot at this overly possessed  characteristic historical building is just amazing.  walked in this bookstore and immediately felt welcome by the owners daughter who was beyond helpful.



The Bookstore has several Used Books rooms on the second level of the building., see more images in this gallery.

This is the easiest and most effortless party you can plan for a Halloween activity; it also happens to be one of the most fear sensing theme one can experiment. I hope you enjoyed the reading and got a tip or two. Have an spooktacular Halloween



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  1. lynette1123 says:

    Looking awesome Mayra!

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    1. D&E Papel says:

      Thank you pretty lady!!!


  2. This is so cute! Thank you for sharing. Love the story!

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