How can my Holiday Party Invitations stand out?

As we make our way into December, our Holiday atmosphere just intensifies, and so do the events. I was recently interviewed by Alexandra Anastasio for BELLA New York Magazine for their Holiday issue. I shared some key tips on how to create the right invitation for a Holiday party and how best to present it so it is not confused with yet another of the many greetings cards arriving in your mail during this season. Here are some images of party invitations I designed that will fit each must do/must have, to make your event stand out!

  1. When Planning a holiday party what are the first things to think about wehn designing an invitation? It is key to keep my clients vision while sketching an overall design; however choosing materials and paper textures has more to do with the event’s theme and holiday vibe in my designing process. I try to feel what the client likes and dislikes and try to center it around their preferences and their vision yet balance it with a professional and acceptable look. When possible I like to visit and research the venue of the event…it gives me an insight. A timeline is set in place to keep on track image

2. With all the mail that people receive around the holidays…how can you make your envelope stand out from the rest?As for the envelopes, always bring an element from the invitation forward to have a continuous theme. We don’t want an invitation to get mistaken for yet another greeting card.
It needs to stand out in a hay of greetings. During the design stage mailing costs need to be settle as this will determine the way in which it will be delivered to your guests.
For the envelope a texture paper and/or decorated prints will definitely stand out in your guests mailbox…one can also consider a packaging, such as a boxed invitation,this could be square, rectangular or in some designs such as invitation made on fabrics or roll up, a tube packaging will literally roll out.


3. With the month of December being a hectic one, how far in advance should you send out your invitations and what’s an appropriate response time? Allow 2 weeks extra regardless , but in the case of a December event, I would make sure the guests would receive it before Thanksgiving because between Thanksgiving and Christmas it’s just a whirlwind and no one can keep track!
Again, processing time and mailing time need to be settled at the designing stage. Response time ideally 2 weeks is best to secure venue commodities don’t collide with others.


4. How do you create invitations that are unique and different, one that stand out from the rest? In a general sense invitations can consist of the same pieces, (main invite card, RSVP, Directions card, or any other enclosures) it stands out differently to the customers because of the rationalization. Creating something unique consists of a combination in the materials, fonts, colors and layout; however, the fundamentals remain the same

image image

image image image

5. With an invitation that is truly a work of art, how would you suggest showcasing/incorporating it into your party? There are many ways to bring out the invitation feel and theme throughout the event itself! For a Holiday celebration a lobby table or a bar is usually set up as a display for a welcome focal point…hence a framed sign incorporating colors, fonts and embellishments from the invitation is perfectly fabulous. Such as (welcome to the Smith’s annual holiday dinner)
Other pieces that can make their way in are Menu cards, banner, seating cards, and at times personal games printed to fit your event.

11999048_916808145022242_4107086091615231596_n IMG_5317

  • Sample Timeline for a December 17 event:
  • September 28th (consult and chose design)
  • October 6 (order invitations)
  • November 3rd (clients receives invitation)
  • November 10th (mail out invitations)
  • November 17-23 ( guests receive invitation)
  • December 7th (RSVP due)
  • December 17 ( event day)

You can see more in my featured interview for BELLA’s Holiday Issue.


Hope this was helpful and if you have any questions or need an input ask me., I’ll be glad to help you.


Mayra B.

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  1. Lots of unique invitation options. I would be so pleased to open my mailbox and get one of these invites. 🙂


    1. D&E Papel says:

      Thank you so much for visiting and reading through! 🙂 🙂


    2. D&E Papel says:

      Thank you Amy!! That’s what’s all about….to wow the guests and excite them for your event!! 😉


  2. Lots of unique invitation options. I would be so pleased to open my mailbox and get one of these invites. 🙂


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