My Happy Jar

I first  saw this idea of a jar of happy moments on Elizabeth Gilbert‘s Facebook page, I love it so much., I’m putting it to practice! this will be my first year doing it. It’s simple, just grab a jar ( or any form of container to your preference) and every day or week write down the happiest time of the day/week., the paper could be any kind…this is truly for your own piece of mind and to literally count your blessings at the end of your year’s journey. I fancy up my jar cause I’m a decor freak, but it could be any container…keep in mind the jar is a clear and handy piece to choose as you can see your happy notes growing through the year as the jar fills up.


I had a conversation with a dear friend of mine and we both agreed that being blessed is a term that is overly used…I refuse to believe that God did not bless those parents of children with disabilities., in fact those people are extremely bless by my description given that they are face with such hard life situations and still manage to see the beauty and joy within. God did not only bless me for having the ability to bring about my dreams and making it work for my family, I’m bless because I see the possibilities within my adversities. I’m not bless when life is good and everything is working to perfection; that’s just the natural course of things. I’m bless when I’m face with struggles and rise through them with a wiser but humbler heart.

May 2016 be as prosperous, rewarding and happy as my 2015! It has been a fabulous year and look to my family to continue success and joy in absolutely every step of the way!!! Health, peace, joy and abundance on all the good! to D&E Papel and Create Happy Moments I know this is a year of grand impact and a year of beautiful stories to be remember!!! Let’s fill up this jar with nothing but phenomenal moments to be open at the end of this years journey and literally count our blessings!!!

IMG_5668 IMG_5670


  Mayra B.

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  1. Yanneris Genao says:

    Starting a happy jar!!!! What a great thing to do. Specially for those day we forgot all the good that we have.

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    1. D&E Papel says:

      Exactly!!! I’ve got some great happy moments already in my jar 😉


  2. D&E Papel says:

    Reblogged this on D&E Papel and commented:

    This one never gets old and for this time a year it’s amazingly fitting! I’m now on my second year doing this and although I did skip a month or 2 in which I honestly forgot to go and write my little note of happy moments I can assure you that what I did do was worthy. I sat down on December 31st and look through my notes and walked right into 2017 on a very happy, grateful and blessing joy! I will post a picture of the notes and my new 2017 happy jar this week on my IG and Facebook so please let’s stay in touch there too!



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