A Romantic Soirée on Valentines Day

Feeling like a Romantic Soiree again…how lovely

I recall a time in which I enjoyed Valentine’s Day so much, I rested late afternoons on cardboard filled with tacky white glue and gold glitter plastered all over my face, hair, hands and arms too! yes I was a 10-year-old girl making heart shape cards with an arrow crossing its crooked cut shape as I did not have a die cut back then.

DSC_0205Source: A Romantic Soirée on Valentines Day

I love the concept that Valentine’s Day stands for, it brings an air of friendship love awareness that is often taken for granted. Unlike couples who have an anniversary or any other unique date in which they can celebrate their love and romance; friends don’t necessarily have an anniversary of sort, other than the year or time frame in which the friendship developed, this would be a more fitting day to celebrate those relationships.

I wanted to do something simple, romantic and useful to display for this post. This is a notes writing setting, of course with desserts made by my dear friend Yanneris Genao, to sweeten the thoughts and write something beautiful for that special someone, so grab your BFF’s and hop on a comfy chair and enjoy the sweet sheer ribbon canopy setting.  I found a pretty handy site wishafriend  in which you can get inspirations for writing your Valentines notes, below is one I find to be uniquely thorough, hovering over anything and everything between a laughter and a tear.


When you want to talk, I will hold your hand and listen to you.
When you want to cry, I will lend you my shoulder.
When you want to run away, I will run with you.
Coz’ no other world can be half the fun, as my world is with you in it.
Happy Valentines day!