Día de los Muertos Greetings

Colorful skulls from Dia de Los Muertos are so vibrant and pretty why not add some greetings and pass them around on cards?!

These are A2 fold over cards made on #120 cardstock weight and are hand stamped and colored.



I’ve been a busy girl these days creating a greeting card line that can identify with the cultural diversity amongst us so I really hope you find it pretty, useful and totally cool 😉

Día de los Muertos is a yearly 3 day remembrance of friends and loved ones who have passed and is observed in Mexico as well as other counties of Hispanic heritage. It starts on October 31-November 2nd

I’ll be soon releasing more greeting cards and calendar note cards that speaks to you and are handy for any occasion

These come in kits of 8 cards with mailing envelopes and can also be ordered individually on my online shop. (Click on SHOP tab)

Let me know in the comments if you like these…hint: I love them 😉


Mayra Betances

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