Paper is Part of the Picture…

Paper is to me what fabric is to a clothing designer. Paper is part of the picture, literally! I say this with intention and truth! A picture says a thousand words and this one might as well tell a few more…it is illustrated art, vision and scenery.

 Paper is part of the picture campaign was launched in 1921 and featured work like this small poster-format illustration where the base paper color plays a key role in the figure/ground relationshipdsc00595

Mahawk Maker is a quarterly issue that I love getting and look forward to learning the new and old ways on designs, materials throughout the graphic world and paper industry. The Character and Feel  Issues gives us a “window to the work of some of the best designers of the 20th century with Strathmore paper as the backdrop” Ten years ago the company stumbled upon a paper holy grail: a collection of samples, swatchbooks and sales guides boxed up in a warehouse all but forgotten. Spanning more than a century. The timeline displays more than merely ephemera: It serves as a tactile, visual history of graphic design styles and culture.” This is a timeline of Strathmore a paper maker company’s swatch book throughout the decades and how it’s covers speak volume of the time and social impact of paper and visual culture art.


There are multiple things to take into account when selecting the perfect paper for a project. There is weight and texture aside from colors that makes a design uniquely different. I particularly like my paper heavy, I prefer to work with 120 lb cardstock specially if is a single layer project. The weight of the paper to me determines the quality of any given project; it is the base, the canvas, the platform in which all elements go on. A heavy cardstock/paper and some unique outstanding fonts are the best way to make a statement on a contemporary invite so for me learning about and working with different paper weight is a treat!

Staying in the know of the new trends is a must so when I receive a new issue or learn a new-old technique on paper dealings I gain power over the material and by this I gain a wealth of knowledge to educate my clients; hence providing a more profound meaning to their event’s invitation. It is not just paper, is how is made and how it makes you and your guests feel. From the making of the pulp, mixing of tints and flattening into rolls of marvelous and colorful stacks that will eventually be transformed once again by you and I to represent us and our future life capsules know this;  paper is part of the picture always.dsc00602


Mayra Betances

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