My Happy Jar

This one never gets old and for this time a year it’s amazingly fitting! I’m now on my second year doing this and although I did skip a month or 2 in which I honestly forgot to go and write my little note of happy moments I can assure you that what I did do was worthy. I sat down on December 31st and look through my notes and walked right into 2017 on a very happy, grateful and blessing joy! I will post a picture of the notes and my new 2017 happy jar this week on my IG and Facebook so please let’s stay in touch there too!


D&E Papel

I first  saw this idea of a jar of happy moments on Elizabeth Gilbert‘s Facebook page, I love it so much., I’m putting it to practice! this will be my first year doing it. It’s simple, just grab a jar ( or any form of container to your preference) and every day or week write down the happiest time of the day/week., the paper could be any kind…this is truly for your own piece of mind and to literally count your blessings at the end of your year’s journey. I fancy up my jar cause I’m a decor freak, but it could be any container…keep in mind the jar is a clear and handy piece to choose as you can see your happy notes growing through the year as the jar fills up.


I had a conversation with a dear friend of mine and we both agreed that being…

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