Valentine’s Day DIY Card

Hello, hello!

Love is in the air and I’m holding on to dear life with these pretty, handy and beautiful DIY greeting cards! If you are like me and like to do things yourself these are some card designs you can do in a few minutes…depending on how many cards you make! My favorite time of the year for friendship and gifting the old fashioned way…greeting cards and handwritten notes! I like working with cardstock but you can use whichever paper you’d like! Below is a list of the materials I used, but first a little interesting  fact into Valentines cards and Americans use of these love notes:

 Did you know that approximately  151 million cards were exchanged last year on Valentine’s Day in the U.S?! This number does not reflect the DIY cards

Commercially, Valentine cards didn’t appear in Unites States until the 1800s, though handmade cards had been popular for some time.

Well enough chit chat…lets get to stamping now…

Card size:                                                                                         

Standard A2 greeting cards are 4.25″ x 5.5″. This is exactly 1/2 of a 8.5 x 11 paper.

Cardstock used:                                                                                  

 #120  cover cardstock on a smooth finish. If you are use to working with different types of paper finishes and know their variables when it comes to ink you may use any that is pratical for you, I recomend smooth finish and a cover weigth of #120 otherwise the texture and the heaviness of the paper may give the effect of blurred image once the stamped is done.

Inks used:                                                                                          

 Acid-free, archival pigment ink sterling  by Martha Stewart Acid-free, archival pigment ink scarlet by Color Box

Stamps used:                                                                                      

 Hello by Ready Set Stamp ( sometimes can be found at the dollar store)

Heart clear stamp ( I can’t recall who makes this specific one, but any heart stamp you like will work well)





If you love handmade but don’t have the time to DIY you can always order these already made by me 🙂

Here are some other designs available to order on my shop


I like to keep my Valentine’s Day cards simple becuase this it the time my children and I do a card exchange ( not necessarily Christmas) so as you can imagine we make quite a few cards this time a year

Would love to see your cards once you’ve done them…come back and share pictures on the comments…also if you have any questions please ask, would love to help!


Mayra Betances


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