How to pretty up your envelopes

Want to make your envelopes a bit fancy? Well I’ve found a really affordable way to do just that. There is one catch…you’ll have to be ceative and flexible with your colors and prints 🙂

img_4902I visited the dollar store and to my delight found myself in the home utensils isle when some rolls caught my eye…yes wall paper rolls! The black floral print on the white paper was just so elegant and nicely spread out, I should add that the flower used for the print were peonies which is consider to be an intriquete and stunning looking flora. Well I immediately thought of using it for envelope liners so I bought a roll.

Here is a list of the materials you’ll need to make your liners once you’ve paid a visit to your local dollar store and gotten your pretty paper roll (assuming they carry some)


pretty paper



glue stick

5×7 envelope



I used a 5×7 Euro flap envelope in a baby pink color. I than placed over my pretty paper and proceeded to trace it so that I can make the cut exactly to the shape of my envelope. Once the cut was completed I applied glue to the back of the now liner and proceeded to insert and attach to the inside of the envelope.

img_4897I made a video tutorial to go along with this post…please follow this link to my YouTube channel where you’ll see it and  hopefully have a clear view on how to make one yourself.



I hope you found this post useful and feel free to ask any questions in the comments below.


Mayra Betances





3 Comments Add yours

  1. Kat says:

    Hi, Where did you get the floral paper from? its exactly what i need!


    1. D&E Papel says:

      Hi Katapolt! I got it from the Dollar Store 🙂


  2. Katapolt says:

    Hiya, Where did you get the floral paper?


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