Our first episode is finally out, Craft, Dance and yes; a mermaid’s story

Hello mi gente!!! We did it! our first episode is now up on our YouTube channel. Click here to watch !  In this first episode you’ll see us (Ella & I) share some local craft news, chat about colors and their meanings and one of my favorites which is that while I was researching to create this new design I found out about the original story of The Little Mermaid…its quite a tale for real! I’m a crafter, a creator NOT a producer or film maker so the editing is rusty to say the least!

I’m in love with this beauty! It has the complete story of the Little Mermaid base on Disney’s version of it on one of the layers (front & back) the second layer is the actual main invitation card and it is gorgeously embellish with a double satin ribbon band which comes to a delicate bow right below the framing of an Arial stamp card!


Tutorial on how to make this beautiful belly band on my YouTube channel D&E TV. Below is a list of what you’ll need.

TOOLS: Cutting board, Scissors, ruler, heating took, stamps, Tape gun with double sided tape. MATERIALS: Cardstock (White size 3.5 and turquoise size 3 7/8) Pink double sided ribbon (7/8 width),embossing powder, stamps and turquoise ink of your choosing brand.

If you’d like us to make these or a design for your special event please let me know  mayra@dnepapel.com or you can reach us by our social media as well 🙂 

For reference on all topics discussed during our show here are some links you can follow.

Colors and their meanings

Little Mermaid original story 

Crafters Outlaw Taking over Columbus museum of Art

Proyecto Mariposas card making class (bullying awareness)

I’ll start by taking some tutorials on editing for our next episode; It took me way longer then the actual recording and crafting time. Anywho our first episode is out, its loud and its fun hope you like it so please subscribe to our channel and let us know how we did!!

A new episode coming out every Thursday!


Mayra & Ella

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