A Date with Ella and The Piano Guys

Who are they?….who?…The Piano Guys..oh.. A band of 4 guys which pretty much play…just about any melody, classically and with dynamic harmony. My lovely daughter Ella was my date for this classical night., we tried to dress alike and glam up weather permitting…and TARAAAA.  Jon Schmidt, the Pianist; Steven Sharp Nelson,Cellist; Paul Anderson, their beliefs & Al Van…

Jazzing It Up In Newark

  I don’t usually publish these type of articles, but there is a first time for everything! Newark NJ, classical music, and a whole lot of rule breaking, can you find the common factor? Did I just hear beatbox coming out of that flute?… I sure did! And is that cello jazzing up a beat?…

Fonts and Logo

Tis the season, I have given crafty papel a brand new name and logo that best fits what my work is all about…papeles. Fonts have come in many shapes, styles and sizes allowing for fun and creative ways to present the perfect invitation for your guests to feel the type of event they’ll be attending. Bold…


The exciting phase of choosing the perfect card for your event’s invitation. The invite is the first glance and the overall idea your guests will get for what type of event they should get ready for. the invitation has a lot to do with the theme of the of event, but also keeping in mind the formality of such….

A sight of spring!

It seems like this years flowers will have to force their way out through the inches on top of inches of snow that grows with each bitter winter day that passes by the Jersey state, The Garden State…as its nick name calls for it,  can’t wait for my flowers to make their first appearance. New…

Dirty Girl Mud Run, Scranton PA

This was such an amazing weekend from start to finish., I truly enjoyed the mud run even though I had to make a few quick stops to catch my soul again…LOL As I understand it there were about 10,000 dirty girls making their way to the finish line up in Scranton, PA for this run….

Lets Get Down & Dirty Girl!

I’m super excited and petrify all going at the same time! I’m joining  the Dirty Girl Mud Run. this is a run/walk/crawl or drag your behind through muddy obstacles. I will post picture, this will be super awesome. I can’t wait! Gracias Mayra B. MPLP

Peek Into LRA

Hola my dear friends., oh how I have missed you all! I’m now gearing up as I add some finishing touches to my new line which I’m calling Lace, Romance & Aroma ( LRA) These are really special cards with a lot of hands on  crafted details…I have been working on this line for a…

Break Time!

Hi all, I’m temporarily off on a break due to career focus and life events. I will resume crafting as soon as I attend to my most imminent priorities.  Hope all stay well and enjoy the early cool chill breeze of the wonderful Spring season coming our way 🙂 Mayra B. MPLP Gracias