Perfect Little Party

Mayra Betances is the Founder and Editor of D&E Papel (formerly My Perfect Little Party) focusing on paper craft and art/life style blogging.

D&E stands for her two younger children’s name: Deogo, and Ella

Her eldest son Luigi helps her pack orders and administrating the business.


Mayra is a mother of 3 young children, and holds a full-time career. Mayra is known within her family and friends as the most energetic, passionate,

and an eminent supporter of new and exciting ideas of all party decor things.

In 2005 Mayra had a children’s themed party business to which she treated mostly as a hobby, she called this My Perfect Little Party. In this same year Mayra gave birth to her second baby and was pursuing a diploma as a Cosmetologist, life got a bit Crowder in 2007 when her the last addition to her family came to complete her brady bunch of 3 awesome kids. Mayra decided it was time for a break and organized her priorities to accommodate her family needs. Mayra’s mom than started crafting dresses for her little baby girl just as she used to make for Mayra when she was as little.

In 2010 Mayra picked up where she left off and this time she added sewing to her list of craft, she organized her son’s 5th birthday with a Cowboy theme party which was the talk of her friends and family. Later that same year, Mayra and her family moved to Ohio where she met her dear friend Ariana Ulloa Olabarieta who is the co-owner of Bebo Naturals an organic baby food product business; Ariana led the way for a brand new venue through which Mayra could promote her mom’s designs, introducing her to Etsy a crafters and artist gateway to sell their products.

Hi there Tinkers, is me Mayra 🙂 thank you for taking the time to read about me 

I’m was a proud member of the design team of A Homespun Affair Magazine, Stylish Givings and I also collaborate in assisting my mom for Estrellita By Mamá

Now fast forward to today 2014 D&E Papel and hop over to the shop to see what all the buz is about


Mayra Betances