Spooky Beetle Juice Inspired Party

Ready for a not so childish Halloween Spooky party!


Wether you are a teen or a not so teen, you will enjoy the Beetle juice within this decor.

I used as much as I could from my own household items for this setting! The cardstock cones are something I came up as I gathered all of my supplies, with a few extra spider cut outs I figured better used them up.  For the invitation I used Black cardstock double fold card, smoke velum paper, orange & black ribbon and a few stickers here and there, oh! and some monogram ribbon.  For the  deserts I keep it simple mainly because I’m not a kitchen friendly girl! just throw in some yogurt covered pretzel, plain marshmallow, some pumkin pie from your local bakery, and your typical and always  fitting candy corn.

so without further do, let me spook the who outta you!


Perfect Little Party


 use a glass long base as a stand and turn it up side down, put something in it to add some interest within!



stack some cake stands together to create different dimension and more flare to your dessert table.

you can find these ceramic cake stands in my shop!

add some season fitting apple cider cocktails with cinnamom sticks to steer

or if you want to grab some paper stripe straws!

The details!

are you feeling the crows on the corner pedestal cage, I’m

paper cone

hope you have enjoyed this Halloween set up!

Mayra B.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Yanneris says:

    Love it. Great job making it a more grow up affair, but still keeping with the Halloween spirit!


  2. Yadira says:

    This is the most (sophisticated) halloween decoration I’ve ever come accross…Inspires me to throw my very own Halloween bash this year!

    Great job! Thank you for posting!


  3. SOO happy you like it! thanks for stopping by


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