Water Flowers and Foil Roses for a BELLA Invitation

Nothing says charming and beauty all in one like this invitation I designed and crafted for BELLA New York Magazine, I’m honored to have the magazine come back to us for a second year in a row to make this exclusively for their yearly Hamptons White Party!


Staying with the color palette chosen by Editor-in-Chief Courtenay Cooper Hall I headed to my happy place (my crafting room) to start my designing and inspiration process.

The invitation was to be simple yet elegant while carrying a refreshing and fine look. Keeping that into account I created digital water flowers and placed them on a carefree layout for a natural vibe.

To add a fine touch I knew I had to incorporate a separate texture and/or element over the digital design so I dove into aluminum paper and rose die cuts. The shiny and luminous reflection the aluminum paper projected gave the roses an allure adding that elegant feel. A total of 950 foil roses were made, each invitation had 4 roses that were glued and arranged individually by hand.

image image image image image image image image imageimageimage

I’m enamored by this vibrant color combination and it’s refreshing vibe while conserving simple elegance.


Mayra B

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