Deogo & Ella Papel

D&E Papel derives from a pile of crafting crafter’s crafts that managed to craft their way through my path…..yes I wanted that to rhyme….Above all decor and events related things, I like paper cards the most and so  My Perfect Little Party  steps aside to give way for D&E’s papeles to stack up some fresh and dandy cards. I wish to create cards, invitations and designs that will keep the event’s guests and the honored ones beyond satisfied to see their vision come to life with my designs on paper. Invitations are a huge part of any event and is the first insight guests see of someone’s special day. The majority of my work is gain by word of mouth, which I take pride in. I’ve been making invitations for over 10 years now and started with family members and still continue to do so. I like to develop a level of connection with my clients, designing is much more fun that way. I have done work  under multiple logos such as Stylish Givings, Estrellita By Mama, and of course My Perfect Little Party which you can read reviews online by clicking on each brand here. I’m very thankful to have such a supportive family and a circle of amazing friends who believe in me, even if  some of my unusual ideas make no sense to them;  like making my own paper at home…..yeah…a lot of work!!

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Deogo & Ella both get the same question….are you two twins?…people always say they look like they were, but they have a 2 year difference and at their earlier years it was noticeable. Deogo is 9 years of age and is planning on becoming a “youtuber” with his video making abilities…and intensity he puts into the completion of any project he touches…he is a tender boy..and is patiently intense. Ella is 7 years “going on 37″….Ella does not need a caption, an intro or anything to that effect..she handles herself with a clever and sharp mind..she is a natural dancer,a pianist enthusiast, and mother of all eye popping quotes heard in my parenting  journey since her early verbal days….Ella is quite the beacon for anyone she comes to know. I’m a mother of 3 and my eldest child Luigi, a teenager in High School, and that pretty much tells where he is in this stage of his life…that is a whole chapter all on it’s own.

Both D&E have modeled for our family’s entrepreneurial spirit since their birth practically; they randomly dress alike…they have a Minion’s fever lately




D&E Minion 2


D&E Papel post collage

First impressions last forever…good or bad….and I aim to keep making mine…spectacularly fascinating!


Mayra B.

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