I Like Mine….Heavy!

Paper is not just paper…there are multiple things to take into account when selecting the perfect paper for a project. There is weight and there is…yes…weight again. I particularly like mine heavy, I prefer to work with 110 lb cardstock and up for invitations and other stationary goodies, specially if is a single layer project.  The weight of the paper to me determines the quality of any given project; it is the base, the canvas, the platform in which all elements go on. A heavy cardstock/paper and some unique outstanding fonts are the best way to make a statement on a contemporary invite.

paper weightImage by Globe Views Paper

Below are some of the most popular paper weight used and what projects each weight is best used for. There is a lot more to paper weight and it’s properties but this is a good start to go by when thinking paper selection.

1.       20 lb : Most often your everyday use.

2.       28 lb: Perfect for brochures and presentations.

3.       65 lb. Good for covers, postcards, menus and posters

4.       67 lb. This is known as the lightest weight for cardstock projects.

5.       80 lb. Cover;  Cardstock used  frequently for business cards

6.       90 lb. Durable cardstock

7.       110 lb, 120lb and 130lb Best for Flat cards and/or invitations.


Mayra B

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